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The New Location: The Blowout Bar Hanover

Updated: May 20, 2022

I know it threw some by surprise when I closed my salon and moved in with Chelsi and the team at The Blowout Bar in Hanover. It is a change that I am happy with even if it doubles as a milestone and a stepping stone.

My Team & Friends

My move to a new location has had so many benefits, but the greatest of these is the relationships I've formed with my coworkers. These girls are great and you'll love getting to know them on your salon visits as well.

We all work our own schedules and come and go at different times, so you may get to meet them all... or you may get some quiet time with just you and me.

Lessened Responsibilities

I no longer need to create time to clean the salon on the weekends or maintain a full business front all on my own. In return, I have time now to focus more on my own specialties as a stylist and a business owner in ways like showing up for blog posts and social media. Someday when I am ready for children, I will have a team of stylists to refer you guys to if waiting on a maternity leave is just not in the cards for you.

Similar Freedoms

I may not be able to bring Renni and Kona to work with me anymore, but I still get to work the hours I choose to work, schedule all of my own appointments, use all of my favorite products and overall run my own business. I now rent a chair instead of renting a full business front.


I'd love to open my own salon on my property at home. This is looking years down the road, but someday I would love to re-visit the idea of having my own space again. So if you stay tuned for long enough, you may just get to see the vision come to life!

So much love from your beachin' beautician,

Katie Lehman

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